Terrorists' Use of Internet spreads

Cyberfraud, ranging from credit card theft to money laundering, is the latest wrinkle in terrorists' use of the Internet according to USA today but I'm not entirely convinced by this story which, in the face of the evidence, looks rather thin. Unisys are going a little "overboard" with this statement, which plays quite neatly into the security agenda of the US Department of Homeland Security! Certainly, in planning this year's eCrime Congress, the terrorist dimension did not figure highly enough for a specific debate on the subject. Organised Crime on the Internet is of more concern at present although one recognises that examples of such terrorist use of the Web do exist but more for the purposes of a clandestine communications network.

It's "the new cash cow" for terrorists to finance operations, says John Pironti, a security consultant at tech consultant Unisys. Online scams are harder to trace because they are relayed through a sophisticated network of individuals and Web sites worldwide, he says. And many schemes originate from abroad, where cyberlaws don't exist or law enforcement is lax. USATODAY.com


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