Tech-Clueless Politicians

It's becoming clear just how important technology is to all different aspects of society these days, yet too many politicians still appear to be absolutely clueless when it comes to technology. While the following article is a bit misleading in comparing a study about the overall tech savvyness of the population to a few anecdotal stories about technology clueless politicians, it does raise some questions about how tech savvy politicians should be. In one example, a speech writer for Tony Blair is trying to find a quote from the Bible and scrambles looking all over a hotel and even calling a worker to go find a specific version of the Bible, without ever (apparently) thinking of just going to Google. [via Techdirt]

Talking of Mr Blair, for a very funny, satirical look at Labour's election campaign for May 5th - A Russian MP just let it slip that the PM couldn't visit Moscow because of the date - visit the "I'm Backing Blair Website". It needs Flash and a Broadband connection but it's well worth the visit and a chuckle. It also has the latest version of "Going Underground", written by two doctors, fed-up with communting on the Central Line.

I found this on Alan Mather's eGovernment Weblog, now re-styled with a new template, so sorry Alan, a little plagiarism there!


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