Problems with the New MSN Search Engine

I tried the new search engine at this morning and it's close to unusable. Searches aginst my name or even headlines, such as "Da Vinci's Workshop Found" and even Slate Magazine produced the error message "Object Moved - This document may be found here." This then lost me up a blind alley on a blank Microsoft page somewhere in the ether. As a result, it's back to Google until they fix the glitches.


Anonymous said…
Who moved the cheese ... again? Would someone mind contacting the subscribers and ask them before making all these changes! The new look (MSN Search Engine) has several people up in arms and I am having to deal with all these changes because my wife can't access all those favorite sites previously bookmarked. We are unable to quickly access MSN in those other countries such as UK, Germany, etc. to obtain truly global news.

Recommendations - Put it back to its original status.

Thank You

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