The Power of Twelve

Yes twelve. Twelve critical vulnerabilities for Microsoft Windows products had me scurrying for the update service as quickly as possible. Me and twelve million other people in an attempt to defend ourselves from the attention of twelve million hackers, who, no doubt, are busy writing exploit code as I write this Weblog entry.

We're now three years into Trustworthy Computing and we're still seeing warnings from Microsoft such as:

"Windows, Server Message Block maximum severity rating of “critical” could allow an attacker to take complete control of an affected system."

When will it stop I wonder as I crouch down behind my firewall waiting from another salvo to appear from IP space, like the Russian "Katyusha" rockets of the Second World War.

At least Microsoft are warning us but one wonders, when they store up as many as twelve at once, how long the other eleven have been washing around without customers knowing about them? A day, a week, a minute even can be too long in Internet time.


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