Logging Off From Broadband Guilt

There have been stories here and there about people logging off from the internet because they're just overwhelmed, but here's one story that seems to be just as much about being underwhelmed. The guy, who has had broadband for years, understands why it's cool, but says he's simply running out of reasons to use the broadband... so he finds himself coming up with bad reasons to use it (checking email and websites when he should be working, downloading music he shouldn't be downloading). He calls it "broadband guilt" and hopes that going back to 56k will solve the problem -- though he admits to carrying around an ethernet cable for "quick hits" when visiting friends. Still, this does suggest something about the sorts of offerings that really take advantage of a broadband connection: they're few and far between. While some point out that broadband is actually increasing the use of things like e-commerce, it seems like that's more about the always-on connection, rather than the speed of the connection itself. [via Techdirt]


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