Firefox Down

I’ve started using Mozilla’s Firefox browser instead of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. I wouldn’t say it was anymore secure, because the evidence suggests it’s not, however it’s certainly faster and has some attractive features. This, among security concerns, probably explains why 25 million people have now defected and why Microsoft is busily “revamping” Internet Explorer.

What really surprised me is that the Firefox setup file is just under 5Mb to download, so it’s worth looking at, if only for a comparison. Forbes Magazine describes Firefox as “Better than Explorer by leaps and bounds.” They may be right, I've just switched it to become my default browser


Barrie Smith said…
I have been using Firefox on my Mac for a while as MS in their wisdom decided not to develop Explorer for Mac past the 1st OS X.
1 thing Firefox could address is to put an AutoFill facility with it lacks at the moment.

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