Between Trains

I've been running all day. It started this morning with an impromptu four minutes on my local KMFM radio station, talking about the Web site, Thanet Life that I've launched as a news source for my local area in North-east Kent. Then it was up to town for lunch with John Meakin of Standard Chartered Bank, a driving force behind the Jericho Forum mentioned in the last entry.

John Meakin of Standard Chartered Bank

The Jericho Forum is of course: "An international circle of IT customer and vendor organisations dedicated to the development of open standards to enable secure, boundaryless information flows across organisations." So now you know but in a nutshell, it's striving to make sense of the standards mess that surrounds information security, a modern equivalent of the labours of Hercules.

The two of us put the world to rights over a beer and pizza and agreed that things could only get better but won't until the world is offered a more secure computer operating environment than is available from any PC vendor at the moment. That could be Microsoft's "Longhorn" but we'll have to wait and see.


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