Pfizer Axes Jobs in Kent

News that Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company are to cut four hundred jobs in Sandwich, comes as a shock for many local people, as a significant chunk of the local economy "floats" on the drugs giant's influence.

The historic Cinque Ports town of Sandwich is now buried in the middle of the enormous Pfizer complex and the road from Dover has just been widened to accomodate traffic. If Pfizer gives up on Thanet and relocates to where it can find cheaper manufacturing, not only will there be a dramatic cost to the area, with thousands of direct and ancillary jobs lost but it will leave a huge industrial eysore in sitting in the Kent countryside. After all, who wants to buy a giant drugs manufacturing club on the cheap if the worst happens? Posted by Hello

As soon as the weather clears, I might jump in the aircraft and take a few photos of the site and the "Top secret" Bronze Age archeological dig at Cliff's End in Ramsgate.


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