A Kick in the Pants

Today, I've been out with Airads, towing an advertisement for the Leicester Mercury, advertising a jobs fair in the area. A bitterly cold day with strong winds in the North of England, didn't prevent us being on time and on station as required at Leicester airfield to pick up the banner

A nice view of the Cessna 172 G-OMAC disappearing towards Leicester, dragging the banner behind it while I remained on the ground to take the photos.

This wasn't the day to take passengers up. The hurricane force winds in Scotland were generating turbulence further south and it was quite literally one of those days when you get the occasional kick in the pants or your head risks being banged against the cabin roof with the turbulence. If I hadn't been concentrating on flying the aircraft, I would quite possibly have been airsick.

Possibly one of the most difficult final approaches I've ever had, coming back into Maypole from the sea, with the wind right across the runway and the low Sun in my eyes. Couldn't see a thing until we were very nearly over the fence.

A photo of a large tanker off Southend snapped on the way down to Herne bay.


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