Eighteen - No Way!

I didn’t know whether I should laugh or not.

The three houses with their bright yellow protest banners outside had all made the same change,

It’s in the village of Hoath and they’ve protesting about the application to increase the number of flights from the Farmstrip at Maypole. Originally the application was for 25 movements a day, up from the present 12 but this caused such a ruckus that the application was recently changed to 18, which some might think is reasonable. Others may not.

So the three protestors have dutifully papered over “25” and replaced it with the number “18” in a quick cut-and-paste job.

I’m obviously biased, after all I’ve been flying this morning before the predicted hurricane hits and very bumpy it is out there too. Only one other soul dared the weather and I doubt there have been 12 aircraft movements in the last ten days in total.

The protestors appear to believe that an application for 18 flights a day means just that, when instead it’s aimed at those long summer days when it’s possible, that with visitors, we’ll break the present 12 movement restriction. Ah well… there’s no compromising with some when a position is so firmly entrenched.

Meanwhile, outside the wind is increasing once again and there are banks of fog rolling in from Dover, one of which I found myself in when I turned over the harbour before escaping quickly towards Ramsgate and around the coast back home again.


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