Dog Catching by Aircraft

It may catch on as an alternative to fox hunting! Take two young and very dim Labradors, let them loose to run off together on a farm and then try and find them.

Sammy wearing Superdog red cape

It’s what happened this morning at Maypole Farm and I remarked to one of the owners, that "To lose one Labrador is unfortunate but to lose two is an extravagence."

With the search party having very little luck, I was warming up an aircraft to go up and in an attempt to spot the two canine truants from the air, when they finally reappeared, panting with excitement from the woods, they were quickly captured by their relieved owners.

One helpful suggestion was to try and lower Bob's new Jack Russell or my dog Sammy on a rope, in an attempt to pick-up the scent but it might be more practical to try this with a helicopter in a stationary hovering position and not an aircraft moving at 90 mph.

A relatively quiet and uneventful New Year’s Day then and I’m suddenly conscious of the fact that work starts all over again on Monday, although from experience, it will be two weeks into January before the rhythm of life returns to normal.

A very Happy and Prosperous New Year ahead to all my readers.


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