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Merry Christmas

To mark this special day, I have an inbox full of special junk mail offers that crept past my spam filter dressed as reindeer.

Most interesting perhaps is the offer to subscribe to a directory of unfaithful wives, of which there are apparently thousands, just waiting for me on the Internet!

However, if these women are unfaithful, enough to be listed on the Web, how can I know they might be waiting, they could be unfaithful?

A Merry Christmas one and all

This rather reminds me of the classic logical conundrum: "Epimanides says 'All Cretans are liars', Epimanides is a Cretan" and the same is true of the Internet

This is an ideal day to go flying, it's "Open FIR" (Flight Information Region) or read "Free-for-all", as most airports are closed for Xmas. So this is the day to go and have a look at Heathrow or Gatwick or fly closer to the city than one ever can on any other day of the year, which sees large sections of the UK airspace closed-off to general aviation in our very crowded little country. However, the best I'm going to do for now, is write my weblog, as my wife and daughter have now gone out this Christmas morning, taking both sets of house keys with them. I'm now confined to the house with a packet of "After Eight" mints until lunchtime.

Anyway, it's a stunning Christmas morning and the dog is pestering me for a walk. I think I'll pass on the unfaithful wives offer this time around but there's always the genuine Italian Rolex and about fifty more pieces of junk to read. Maybe I'll just bin them, turn-off my PC for one day only and pretend it's Christmas!


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It’s pitch blackness in places along the sea wall this evening and I'm momentarily startled by a small dog with orange flashing yuletide antlers along the way. I’m the only person crazy enough to be running and I know the route well enough to negotiate it in the dark, part of my Christmas exercise regime and a good way of relieving stress.

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A temple carved from the rock from Petra's sister city.

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