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Let's Go Crazy

TV Licensing Mafia Strikes Again

I’m going crazy to the point of being abusive with the TV Licensing Authority (TVL). Again, I should add.

This time, following my recent purchase of a new television last month, they have decided that I don’t have a colour TV license and they are prepared to see me fined or imprisoned or both, unless I pay them off. Posted by Hello

The trouble is that I bought my last license online and the receipt is shown below. A little investigation during my irate phone call to the morons at TVL, who keep putting me on hold, losing me and then forcing me to start all over again, shows that they have sent me a Black & White license and not a Colour license, although the have debited my credit card for the full amount of £121.

So now I’m in double trouble. I don’t have a valid television license at all according to their records and worse still, I’m holding a Black & White license for a Colour television, which at the very least demands six months in jail.

There is absolutely no point talking to TVL, so I’m trying email. “Here is the receipt. Please understand before one of us dies that I would like, A) a proper license and B) that you update your records so that you stop threatening me with deportation and a fine.

This could go on forever!

The evidence....


Thank you for paying for your TV Licence by Credit/Debit card. You have chosen a Colour licence costing GBP121.00. Your licence application is now being processed. If we require further information we will contact you.

Once your transaction has been processed and accepted a new TV Licence will be posted to you within 10 working days.

Your reference number for this transaction is CC0000237952, which should be quoted in any future enquiries and communications. Please note: this does not replace your TV Licence number.

TV Licensing


Anonymous said…
Dear Dr Moores

Thank you for the accounts of your research expeditions into the interior of the public sector.

I'm cross-posting these to, where we're trying to map out this unknown continent and the tribes that inhabit it.

Can I ask you to go one step further? How would these encounters have been better? What would the ideal experience of dealing with the tax gatherers of the granters of pemission to view TV have been like? (just in 3-5 lines)

We want our anthropology leavened with a dose of "wouldnt it be better if..."

Keep it up!

William Heath
(william at
Anonymous said…
It's another cracker.

Again - can I ask - what would the ideal experience have been like?

william at

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