The First eCrime Congress Solutions Seminar Posted by Hello

A cast of thousands.. almost and an impressive line-up of suspects predicting overall misery and despair in the year ahead unless we all take the dangers of online crime more seriously than we do at present.

The police, in the shape of the NHTCU are working hard to educate business and the public over the dangers presented by phishing, identity theft and the West African Santa Claus fraud. And so if you receive a letter from a Mr Santa Kolows from Lagos, in capital letters, begging for money to help him upgrade to a larger Mercedes-built sleigh, give generously!


Anonymous said…
Did anyone ask the National High Tech Crime Unit people about the effect of the Rackspace/Indymedia server seizure affair in October, on its Confidentiality Charter ?

What is the risk to your e-business from "collateral damage" caused by dubious international law enforcement investigations which apparently by-pass local law enforcement codes of practice ?
DrMoores said…
Actually, I'm kicking myself. As confernce chair, I should really have asked the question over the rackspace seizure and I forgot. Sorry, but I was trying to manage flu and the conference simultaneously!

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