Early Start

There will be a short interruption to regular service unless I can find a way of Blogging from my hotel room in Oman this weekend.

I'm off at the crack of dawn on Friday morning with British Airways, to speak at an international banking conference being held in the Sultanate. My topic is computer crime, phishing and fraud and I'll have the company of my good friend, Tony Neate from the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit, so we'll make up a double act, both at the conference and on the flight, no doubt doing some damage to the in-flight bar on the way. Posted by Hello

With Xmas around the corner and a wife and a daughter to consider, I may have to raid the gold souk for gifts. Without a doubt, Oman is one of the nicest countries to visit and one might be forgiven for thinking one had arrived in a sandier version of Switzerland during a heat wave. It's the only place I know of where the police will fine you if you don't keep your car clean; very unusual for the middle-east.

I've just written my last column for Computer Weekly. Rather sad after over a decade of association with the magazine. I am however off to Silicon.com so followers of my unorthodox and sometimes outrageous style can find me there in future.

Incidentally, it's not too late to book places on the eCrime Solutions Seminar I'm chairing on the 16th December in London. It's free, we have about 150 people attending already and the programme is looking good, so come along if you can and say "Hello".


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