Morphine is a wonderful thing!

Seven O'clock I was at the hospital this morning for the surgery on my shoulder and at nine, I walked down to theatre - they make you walk these days - . Several minutes later I was lying on the trolley talking to the anaesthetist, who was opening the line into my arm, when my lights went out and normal service was only resumed somewhere between the theatre and my room at around 10:00

God it hurt. I'm not great with pain and when the codeine failed to make any impact, the doctor relented and gave me a shot of morphine, which left me in a contented, painless daze until mid-afternoon.

Four O'clock and I was thrown out for malingering, so here I am back at home catching up with my email and my weblog after a nap to shake a feeling of nausea. Posted by Hello

Of course, other people have days off work after a visit to hospital.Not me I'm afraid. Much too busy! - A tragic sign of the times - Send flowers or chocolate if you like!


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