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What a fantastic car the Subaru Impreza is. I've just returned from a trip to Hythe in pitch blackness along the 'B' road from Canterbury. The city is gridlocked as usual and the only way to make my appointment was to use the twisting, narrow country road that runs towards Ashford and the M20. I've never really been a car enthusiast but nothing can touch the Impreza, with its constant four wheel drive, for road-handling and awesome third-gear acceleration. (Except perhaps a rather nervously-driven Mitsubishi Evo VI that I passed on the way)

The BBC Top Gear programme comment, "Eats country roads and climbs trees", is an accurate description of the car. In the past, I once owned a Porsche and an RS Escort too but neither one can touch the Subaru in the Kent countryside. Too dark for speed cameras too I hope Posted by Hello


apples said…
boys will be boys...

I know three things about Subaru
- the rally cars are yellow and blue
- their driver is Petter and he looks so innocent it can rip your heart out
- my sister has a remote controlled Subaru car and it keeps bumping into things, do the big ones do that?
DrMoores said…
My daughter has the remote controlled version too and that bumps into the paintwork and retreats (reversing) under the TV cabinet with its front light son, from where it teases the dog, who doesn't know that my daughter is at the controls! - Otherwise, touch wood, I haven't bumped anything yet.. just an old boy racer at heart I guess after too many years driving big 4*4s and trying to look sensible!

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