Sausage Rolls

Without doubt, one of "those" days today!

For some unknown reason my alarm woke me at 5:45 AM and I didn't notice until almost an hour later. I had been completely absorbed with the collapse of my laptop when I started it after my morning shave. It's Windows XP and has lost its password file, a corruption of ISASS.EXE and the result is that it continues to reboot itself until it's battery dies.

This triggered complete panic on my part. You see, Microsoft is already repairing my other laptop with a completely different and unrelated problem, which now meant that I had no hardware at all, I was cut adrift from the Internet and all my work. Not such a bad thing perhaps you might think.
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Note sausage rolls warming behind plastic sheep. You can just make out my cap in the mirror!

Anyway, I was off to Newcastle with Airads this morning anyway, so had to dash down to the airfield to pick-up the aircraft and fly the two and a half hours up to Peterlee, via Fenland in Norfolk for fuel.

I've never seen a tarmac runway that narrow before. The small lane outside my house is wider but without the sheer drop at the end! An interesting landing I thought.

Two hours towing around every town in the North-east, then it was time for a quick re-fuel and a run for home, with two sausage rolls warming on the windscreen heaters. You have to see this kind of flying to believe it, donuts, bacon sandwiches and coffee in flight, sometimes trying to juggle all at the same time. The unromantic but fun side of aviation, sort of scruffy skytruckers in jeans and leather jackets rather than neat executive pilots in suits.

Seven hours flying and back to Kent as the Sun set. On the way I had been working the phone with Microsoft, who very kindly couriered the repaired PC back to Kent and picked-up the second dead one soon after I arrived home. That's service for you and thanks to them, I'm typing again. For the moment at least!


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