Psychotic Homocidal Fish Unite

Let's face it, most Weblogs, including my own, are pretty awful and I rarely trawl through them, having decided that the majority are written by people with names like "Minnie" who live in Singapore. Posted by Hello

I did however stumble across a weblog today that really made me laugh. Called "Psychotic Homocidal Fish Unite" it's written by a lady with the psuedonym, "Sarah the Duck", whose location is given as "Middle of Nowhere Air Force Base, Hell, United States." - I've borrowed one of her pictures - above - but go have a look at her Weblog which is sharp and funny and perhaps cheer her up a little.

Maybe Miss Duck should watch the movie the "Great Escape" and like Steve McQueen, dig her own tunnel out of hell and steal a motorcycle in a desperate bid to reach Switzerland?

Personally, I see a budding writing talent struggling to be recognised, something that generally avoids the US military, or so I'm told.


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