Project Endurance

Big guns back UK IT security drive MS and eBay sponsor Project Endurance [via The Register]

Funny, I was in at the beginning of this, attended the meeting at Westminster and still didn't know it was happening this week. Official secret I guess!

Project Endurance is major UK campaign to raise public awareness of internet security was launched at the CBI Conference in Birmingham by Mike O'Brien MP, ecommerce Minister, and Digby Jones, Director General of the CBI.

The scheme - supported by business, law enforcement and government agencies - is geared towards helping small businesses and consumers protect themselves from internet security threats. The consumer awareness initiative will draw on the resources of various organisations, which have formed the Project Endurance Steering Group. These include the DTI, Home Office, National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU), the Central Sponsor for Information Assurance, the National Infrastructure Security Co-ordination Centre (NISCC), the CBI and banking industry group APACS. Corporate sponsors and steering group members include LloydsTSB, eBay and Microsoft.


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