Look No Hands

"I've given up doing sixty a day", said Captain Bob, "forty is normally my limit these days."

Before you jump to any conclusions, he was talking about the number of letters streaming behind the aircraft.

I had commented, towing a banner for a union march over Birmingham this lunchtime, that the powerful, fuel injected Rheims Cessna was handling like the proverbial brick and this down to us towing a longer message than usual. I can see why Bob chose to cut down on characters, cigarettes he doesn't bother with, just donuts and sausage rolls, which both of are guilty of in between sips of coffee on the longer flights. In fact, today, I was caught on the hop, when Luton Approach called us and I had a donut in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other, which made pressing the transmit button on the column a little difficult. I'm not sure my old flying instructor would approve.

"Sorry Clive"


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