It's far too warm for the end of November and I've picked-up a headcold, courtesy of the hospital I assume. If you weren't sick before you visited hospital, you can be damn sure that you will be before you leave one these days, given the most recent and appaling statistics from the National Health Service. Posted by Hello

Hi-speed shopping run to PC World through Sturry woods.

About eight O'clock last night, my mobile phone told me I had a voicemail. It was from the BBC News at 6:29 AM that morning, Wanting me, I suspect, to come in and comment on the DWP computer fiasco. A fat lot of good that is if I have to wait fourteen hours for Vodafone's service to relay the message. Anyway, what could one say? As I understand it, the DWP tried putting on Windows XP Service Pack 2 onto a small number of systems but somehow, it spread out of control and the whole Government agency collapsed.

On a similar not, I've just been out to Canterbury on a kamikaze mission to buy some new disk burning software. I say Kamikaze because the lunatics are on the roads, with Xmas only a month a way and the narrow approach to the ancient city of Canterbury is congested at the best of times.

Iomega's own software simply refuses to recognise its CD/RW drive and appears to be doing nasty things to my PC. I assume it's an SP2 problem but I'm not waiting to find out. Take the Iomega Hotburn software off and my machine now behaves perfectly with "Pyro" instead.

Time for a nap and some paracetamol before my head falls off.


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