Winter Draws On

It's beginning to look as if the winter is settling in. I'm tempted to jump on my motorcycle and join the swallows going south for the winter. The only problem is that even if one could, that's having time-off from one's family for good behaviour, there's no running away from the taxman and the VAT man and any other statutory requirements that hang around one's neck running a business these days.

Even if every bill one has was on a Direct Debit, there's still the quarterly payments to the Scots Mafia gang that run the Treasury. Miss one and by God you'll know about it as I found out last year when Barclays took twelve days and not five to pay my VAT electronically, eGovernment you know, the only winners appear to be the clearing banks!

Anyway, Steve McQueen, in the film, The Great Escape, had more chance of getting away than I have. Perhaps I should dig a tunnel but it's been tried and it's blocked with Albanians coming under the channel from the other direction.
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Early morning, somewhere in the Pyrenees


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