Mission Romantic

"Caroline Baby - Will You Marry Me" - The message on a banner that Bob and I were towing behind the Airads Cessna over the Kent village of Tenterten, earlier this afternoon. A local Fireman has a long romantic streak it seems and found an original and romantic way of popping the question to the woman he loves, as the local inhabitants pointed at the banner being towed around a small housing estate on the edge of the village. Posted by Hello

"Was that you I saw towing a banner over Canterbury earlier", asked my wife, when I arrived home a few minutes ago. "Yes", I replied. "I thought so", she said. "I was too embarrassed to look up. You never did anything like that for me."

"Possibly because I didn?t have an aircraft at the time", I replied.

So there you are. You want to ask your fiancée to marry you or simply impress your girlfriend with something more original than a bunch of Daffodils? Call the man from Airads but remember, we don't do "Happy Anniversary", because Bob has trouble spelling it, he says! Posted by Hello


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