The Chinese Way

My in-laws have just returned from one of their regular visits to Egypt and a Nile cruise to Aswan.

Apparently, the Chinese have invaded, a prediction made a few years ago that is now coming to pass. A quarter of the world's population are now able to obtain travel visas for the first time in two thousand years and as a consequence, have reportedly taken the first available junk to Egypt to see what's changed. Posted by Hello

Chinese Tourist Guides Marching to Work

Egypt, I'm told, is experiencing a tourist boom like no other that my in-laws have seen before. "Everything was full", they remarked and the temple of Edfu was horrendous, "You couldn't get in".

Unlike the tightly disciplined Japanese, who also travel in groups of no less than thirty, the Chinese are less restrained, I'm told and "Unbelievably noisy". So combine the worst of so-called British culture, sunburns, tattoos and lager - and that's the women - with the noveau riche from Shanghai and one week trapped on a Nile cruiser is not what it used to be. Pity the poor Egyptians trying to haggle with their Chinese guests though!

British tourist dressed for the airport


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