All Fall Down

I'm beginning to suspect that all is not well with Windows. Two different systems and both behaving erratically. Microsoft have very kindly offered to collect and 'Repair' damaged laptop number one, having drawn a blank after an hour long telephone call with their support desk. PC number two does at least have Internet access but where I ask has the menu bar disappeared to on the Windows Task Manager? Damned if I know!

I have confirmed however that Iomega's CD writing software appears to have a lethal effect on both my PCs, even with the latest Iomega patches installed.

Is this a consequence of installing Windows Service Pack (2)? I don't know but I'm worried that if I'm having problems with my machines, what's the rest of the world experiencing? Perhaps if the PCs are older tha twelve months they fall over? As for my Webcam, I've given up. You no longer know if there's someone else looking through the lens of your webcam, thanks to one of the latest viruses. Best have it pointing out the window if you have one, less embarassing for anyone who might find themselves an unwilling star of reality TV. Posted by Hello


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