Who Should Microsoft Buy Next? It's time for the bored reporter's writer's block induced game of "who should Microsoft buy with all that cash?" Past entries in this game have included rumors about Microsoft buying Disney, buying AOL, and (of course) buying Google. Then there was the (confirmed!) story that Microsoft looked into buying SAP. None of these are surprising. As a big company with lots of cash, they're probably going to internally explore the idea of buying lots of other companies just to see if it makes sense, but the chances of most of the deals happening are pretty slim.

The new Disney Logo perhaps?

Almost all of the news reports are pure speculation from reporters who have no more knowledge on what Microsoft is really planning to do than anyone else. However, that won't stop the speculation game. The latest is that maybe Microsoft would buy Red Hat or Oracle -- both of which seem to be longshots. Just to round things out, the article also mentions EMC, Veritas, Yahoo and eBay as other potential acquisition targets. I think they forgot Amazon.com, Cisco and Intel to make sure all the big names were covered. [via Techdirt]


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