Next Stop Prestwick

I've had enough copyright for one day. If your'e reading this, then assume that 'Everything' is copyright or if it isn't, it soon will be and so nothing will be capable of being displayed digitally without permission or the payment of royalties. The world is changing for the worse and few people realise what's coming.

Meanwhile, I'm going to keep Captain Bob company on a mission to Prestwick in Scotland tomorrow morning. It's going to be pretty tight, to fly-up, do the job and fly back before darkness falls here in Kent. The computer is telling me four hours each way and that's without the refuelling stop at Fenland in Norfolk. As I expect to be flying on instruments much of the way, I've taken the precaution of downloading the latest instrument approach plates for Prestwick, as the high terrain calls for an arrival at three thousand feet to miss the peaks, so let's hope it isn't fog-bound and we have a nice view of Glasgow instead.

Nine hours in the air is going to be a little tiring, so I need to bring a really large thermos of coffee and enough bacon sandwiches to keep us both going. Posted by Hello

The latest addition to the Airads fleet


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