I'm at my wits end. I've wasted hours trying to back-up one system to a new Iomega CD drive, so that I can finally update it to Windows XP (SP2).

My older Archos CD drive appears to have died and in the process of installing the Iomega software, my present XP installation has become very ill. I've lost count of the number of times I have re-booted and have now attempted a roll-back. All I want to do is back-up my outlook directory to the CD and transfer this to a second machine but PC number 2, doesn't want to read the CDs created with PC number 1. This has taken over three hours and I'm no nearer to achieving a result.

This morning I went down to the army ranges at Hythe for a 'shoot'. I haven't been in ages so I was pleased to see that I could still shoot a reasonable pattern at 300 metres. Mind you, it's cheating with my big .308 target rifle with a telescopic sight the size of the Hubble, five hundred yards is about right for it. It might have been more satisfying if I had been shooting at my laptop PC instead, I'm in the mood for it at present! Posted by Hello


Dewdrop said…
Ahhh. That is such a sweet picture! Very apt for your post.

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