A howling gale outside. It's one of the problems of living on the coast, one ends-up having to take cover, like a hibernating bear, for most of the winter.

I had a call from Riyadh yesterday. Would I like to pop-over and add some comments on the Kingdom's e-government programme? I haven't been over there for two years now and things have changed a little since my last visit, so if I sounded a little nervous at accepting the invitation, I'm sure I would be forgiven.

Meanwhile, I've had an email from the Iraq desk of the DTI, telling me of reconstruction opportunities in that country, just the job for me it seems. Somehow I think not, particularly, as like everyone else in this country, I'm praying for a safe-resolution to the present hostage crisis! Posted by Hello

It's OK Sammy, you can go instead of me


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