The First Euro Conference on Mobile Government

I've been asked by Prof Ibrahim Kushchu, the Assoc. Prof. and Director of the Center for Organizational Dynamics and Innovations (CODI) at the
International University of Japan to post some information on this event, taking place in Brighton, for potential visitors from the public sector.

The EURO mGOV 2005 is the first in the series of international conferences on mobile government. It aims to be the largest platform bringing together researchers, government officials, and practitioners from the mobility and e-government fields: technology and its impacts on the government organizations and the society.

See details at (ICMG)

Similar to m-commerce or business, m-government is becoming increasingly popular field under the e-government and mobility umbrellas. The EURO mGOV aims to be probably the first largest mobile government gathering setting the concepts, and providing examples of current developments from various countries in terms of technology, applications and services. It will also look at the issues related to the impact of mobile technologies on government organizations and the society.


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