Emergency Nap Required

I'm worn out!

Today's little adventure to Prestwick is the longest flight I've made yet. There and back it's equivalent to a straight-line flight from here to Rome and most of it was on instruments.

Bob and I left at eight this morning, picked up fuel at Fenland in Norfolk and flew on to Prestwick.
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Six thousand feet above the clouds it's sunny.

From Leeds the weather collapsed into a dark, wet mess and had me on instruments all the way into Prestwick, with a steep, sweaty-palmed, ILS approach from 4000 feet to miss the surrounding high ground in strong winds and rain. The runway didn't appear until we hit six hundred feet with a mile to go.
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Very few men can refuel a Cessna without the aid of a ladder but Captain Bob can!

It wasn't much better on the way home to Kent with very little of the glorious Highland scenery visible at all, so we climbed to six thousand feet to remain above the cloud until we were forced back into it again over Norfolk as we descended to avoid controlled airspace.
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Somewhere over North Yorkshire on the way home from Scotland. Gaps in the cloud at last.

Two hours and forty minutes to fly home isn't bad, thanks to a strong tail wind which gave us 140 knots at times. With almost four hours on the outward journey, it's been a long day and I still have to face my email.

I can't complain life if boring though. Next up for Airads is a week's banner towing around London for the "Erotica" show. I wonder if we get free tickets?


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