Woodchurch Wings

A long hot day at the Woodchurch Wings Airshow. A great day out but far too hot and I'm feeling sun-bleached and worn out by the end of the day. I flew over and back in the new Maypole Stampe, a lovely aircraft, which to my surprise, is much lighter on the controls than the real 1930's model I once flew at the Tiger Club. This one sits very quietly with little pilot input, allowing time for a fantastic view of the Kent countryside on the first day of August.

Lots of other aircraft to see including a World War One replica Nieuport fighter which I'm pining for. The Mustang in the picture I'll never be able to afford; a year's motor petrol costs in a few minutes of tearing around the sky.

A visit from Sally B, the aircraft that many of us will have seen as the B17 "Flying Fortress", in the film, Memphis Belle, rounded off one of the best air display days I've attended yet. Worth a visit for the enthusiasts next year.


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