Microsoft Slammed over Misleading Windows Linux Claims

Compared a mainframe to a dual 900MHz Xeon kit

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a series of public complaints over an advert in a magazine comparing the cost of Linux versus Microsoft Windows.

An advert it ran compared the two operating systems to each other, but Windows was running on a measly dual 900MHz Xeon configuration, while Linux was running on a z900 IBM mainframe.

The advert appeared in an IT magazine and was headed: "Weighing the cost of Linux vs Windows? Let's review the facts".

The Inquirer


Anonymous said…
Standard scare story from Micro$oft. When IBM were past masters at this trick, it was known as FUD - Fear Uncertainty Doubt. IBM used it when a customer voiced any praise for a competitor's product. Micro$oft are far more unscrupulous than IBM ever were. At least IBM had the excuse that their kit, tools, applications all worked reliably. I don't think Micro$oft have ever been able to make that particular claim honestly. Hasn't stopped them claiming it though.

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