Labour’s job cuts fraud

New hiring spree makes a nonsense of Brown’s cuts pledge, says Shadow Chancellor, Oliver Letwin.

The Government has embarked on a summer jobs hiring spree – despite Gordon Brown’s pledge to cutback on civil service jobs.

In the four weeks since the Chancellor announced plans to slash more than 100,000 bureaucratic posts, nearly 1,000 public sector jobs - with salaries adding up to £36 million – have been advertised.

These include 830 posts advertised in the Guardian newspaper’s Society section, plus another 158 in other national newspapers.

Included are jobs like a “liveability manager” at Havant Council on a salary of more than £45,000, and an “integrated enforcement co-ordinator” at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister earning £33,642 a year.

One of posts is a regional “performance manager and risk officer” for the Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health – which ministers announced in July would be scrapped. Others include an “improving working lives co-ordinator” for the North Central London Strategic Health Authority, on a salary of £29,000; a “cycle programme manager” for Transport for London, paid almost £50,000 a year; and a “diversity manager” for Walsall Council on £44,000.

Protested Shadow Chancellor Oliver Letwin: “These figures are yet more evidence that the Government's claim to be cutting back on the bureaucracy is fraudulent. In just four summer weeks, the public sector is hiring back-office staff, who will cost £36 million a year in salaries alone.”

He told “The funniest and, at the same time the saddest, element of this fraud is that people are being hired to add to the numbers in a quango that the Government recently announced it was abolishing. Adding staff to quangos that do exist is bad enough; adding staff to quangos that don't exist is the ultimate sign of a government that has grown so fat it can't even see its own flab.”


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