Dreaming Spires

A first visit to Cambridge, to refuel yesterday, in between banners at Great Yarmouth and a 50th birthday message over a pub in a village near Milton Keynes. The latter put us on a tight schedule to find our way home again to Kent, as we needed to be back before darkness descended completely.

Somewhere near Milton Keynes

As it was, we recovered the last Airads banner from a tiny grass strip called ‘The Deene’ just before eight o’clock. With a little extra throttle, and a transit through Luton’s airspace towards Southend, found a rapidly disappearing Maypole at 8:40 PM. In fact, the light was going so quickly that coming in over Herne Bay, I tentatively pointed the aircraft nose at the field before the landing strip in the distance, before Bob, with better eyes than me, suggested that I might want to try the correct option a quarter of a mile further on. I blamed this on my corrected eyesight and wearing bi-focals after dark but it illustrates how quickly even familiar cues can look wrong in the misty twilight, even if you know exactly where you’re going.

Remove dark glasses before flying at night


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