Statistics - Big Government Rules OK

I wouldn't normally put up a party political here but I felt I had to find some space for Labour's 'Top Twenty' courtesy of Shadow Chancellor, Oliver Letwin.

Labour have put up taxes 66 times. Households are paying £5,000 more a year in tax than in 1997. The result is Labour’s Big Government….

1. The Civil Service is now the size of Sheffield.
2. Whitehall bureaucracy costs every household £850 a year.
3. The number of tax collectors has increased almost twice as fast as the number of new doctors and nurses.
4. There are now more tax collectors and customs officers than people serving in the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force put together.
5. One Department – Work and Pensions – employs more people than there are soldiers in the British Army.
6. There are more DEFRA bureaucrats than there are dairy farms in England.
7. An extra 511 civil servants were employed every week last year.
8. The number of new bureaucrats and support staff in education has increased twice as fast as the number of new teachers.
9. 88,000 extra people were employed to work in education last year; just 14,000 of these were teachers or teaching assistants.
10. The number of NHS managers is increasing three times as fast as the number of new doctors and nurses.
11. The extra size of the NHS bureaucracy since 1997 would pay for over 400,000 hip replacements.
12. For every extra police officer, almost one more bureaucrat has been employed in the Home Office.
13. The running costs of the Government Office of the Regions would pay for an extra 5,000 nurses or teachers.
14. Council inspections cost local government an estimated £1 billion year.
15. There are more external targets on schools than days in the school year.
16. 12 pages of paperwork land on each head teacher’s desk each day of the school year.
17. 15 new regulations have been created every day since 1997.
18. A criminal’s arrest takes, on average, three and a half hours to process.
19. For every job the private sector lost last year, the public sector took on almost two jobs.
20. The increase in the Government’s advertising budget since 1997 could have paid for an extra 17,000 heart bypass operations.

Let's remember, A vote for Tony will give you Gordon and you know what that means.......!


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