Passing Thoughts from Lyon

I finally escaped from Lyons last night. Leaving the city after my lunch at Interpol proved to be more of an ordeal than an adventure and in the process; I discovered a number of new and important facts, for me at least.

Firstly, Interpol has its own wine and a gift shop as well. “The FBI has one, so we had to have one too but our wine is French and much better.”

Lyon trams stop every 300 metres. Never ask a tram driver to tell you when to get off, even if you happen to be sitting opposite him. I did and forty minutes later I asked him if the station was much farther. “Mon Dieu”, he replied “I forgot”, which left me thirty minutes the wrong side of town, having to find a tram back the other way and already late for my flight home.

In Lyon, taxis are few and far between but traffic lights are everywhere.

Obesity is very obviously an English and American disease. The French have more pride in their appearance or simply more self-discipline or common sense when it comes to food.

Lyon has more shoe and roller-blade shops than any city on earth.

Most French tramps own huge alcoholic dogs

The English and the French may share the same word for queue but they are in fact total opposites.

A thirty minute delay on British Airway really means two hours at least.

Summer in France has been cancelled together with summer in the UK, Possibly one the most turbulent approaches to any airport I’ve experienced yet and the young flight attendant fell in my lap twice, which was nice.


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