Moores’ Law of Aviation

If it doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t, so go around.”

A group of us were swapping Red Arrows stories at the airshow yesterday. It’s uncanny to find so many pilots in one place with such a poor opinion of the Red Arrows, not their flying skills of course but their radio procedure.

I’ve had the experience, on one occasion, of running dangerously low on fuel and attempting to get a word in edgeways, while the Arrows bickered with the Manston control tower, refusing to leave the main runway over some minor parking detail and leaving me in a seemingly endless orbit of the cooling towers at Pegwell Bay. I’m not alone it seems, even among other pilots present, who have similar tales of the Red Arrows monopolising a radio frequency as if they were the only aircraft in the sky, “bullying” and “unprofessional”, were two of the expressions used by better aviators than me.

So if you’re reading this "Red One", nobody doubts that you lead a great display team that proudly displays the highest standard of aerobatics skill but isolated opinion or bizarre coincidence suggests you’re let down by an apparent lack of consideration and courtesy to other pilots and air traffic controllers.


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