Once again, Le Touquet bathed in the July sunshine was at contrast with the opposite side of the channel, where I had taken off an hour earlier. There aren't that many nice restaurants, fashion boutiques and luxury shops in Kent but it has other attractions. After all, we have a McDonalds in Margate and much nicer countryside where there's still some of it left between the M25, the M20 and the M2.

Anyway, I need remedial work on my instrument skills. All over the place trying to follow the beacon into the hold and then the localiser signal on to the runway at Le Touquet. I'm only allowed two degrees of error and at six miles out on the turn towards the approach; I let the aircraft get the better of me. So back to some intense revision work before retaking the exam. In fact, it's a good idea. One falls into bad habits in an aircraft in much the same way as one take's a car for granted. A bit like re-taking an advanced driving test. Unless one is spot on and doing everything by the book, the examiner will have you for breakfast or in my case, lunch!

Mind you, with the weather as it is, I'm probably going to get more poor weather practise in the clouds than I bargained for this summer.


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