Airads Over Lowestoft

I just had my Breitling 'Emergency', watch back from Switzerland after its three year service and battery change. Just under £400 for the privilege, a jaw-dropping price but they did throw in a Breitling cap. What can I say.....! Certainly, the best value aviator watch I have is Russian and by Poljot. It's a Breitling look-alike, and only £140.00. Does rather make you wonder!

Come Thursday, if I get the time off from fence-painting duty, I'm off to the Lowestoft Air Festival, towing banners with Airads' Captain Bob and his Cessna 172.

It's an early start planned from Maypole with coffee and bacon sandwiches up towards Beccles and the Norfolk coast. The usual suspects are expected. The Red Arrows, my old mate, Denny Dobson and his Extra 300, the Yakovlev Team and the Stearmans of the very pretty and delightful Utterly Butterly wing walkers, who have more courage than I do. Among other attractions, five biplane fighters from the World War 1 team will be representing the very best of aviation from a bygone era, when planes had wooden wings and fuselages were covered in linen. I'm still trying to find a World War 1 replica of my own to buy. These are pretty thin on the ground and I failed dismally this afternoon in my attempt to persuade master aircraft builder Brian to build a Fokker DR1 Triplane for me, now he's finished building a 1930's replica Stampe.

Anyway, wer'e not on the official programme but if you happen to be there and looking up, you might catch this week's message from our sponsors!


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