Tiger Bay

I'm exhausted. Today I had an eCrime meeting in Cardiff and I flew from my home here in Kent and then back again in the afternoon when it was over.

In a car, at least one can switch-off to a degree and listen to the radio. In a small aircraft on a bumpy day, weaving through controlled airspace, you have to work every minute and today in particular, with the Farnborough area buzzing with helicopters coming and going from Royal Ascot, you need to be extra alert, even with a radar service.

The wind has been howling all day and from my point of view, from the wrong direction, the West. As a result, it took 2:17 minutes to reach Cardiff and only 1:40 minutes to find my way home to the far opposite side of the UK.

No weekend for the wicked. A client has handed me a 'rush' piece of work which needs completing by Monday, so it looks as if the BBQ I've been invited to will have to wait. Mind you, looking at the weather outside tonight, any plans for a Saturday afternoon Barbeque may be a little optimistic.


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