Three hours

Three hours stuck on a train from Victoria to the Kent coast going nowhere yesterday afternoon. Signal failures, fire on the line, a sudden asteroid strike, take your pick but as my train was one of the first to be affected at 3’O’clock, Lord help the commuters trying to leave London in time for the football match during the rush hour.

I’m beginning to think that I have a one in three chance of successfully catching a train to and from London on business these days. Every time this kind of thing happens I resolve to take my motorcycle next time and then, hope sets in because it’s easier, if a little more expensive to take a train into the centre of London than fight the traffic through the Blackwall tunnel and along the embankment. Why our train are such a total mess, both inside and out defeats me and many millions of others and is just one more sign of the infrastructure that we used to take pride in as a nation, collapsing around our ears.

And I forgot to mention, that having arrived at Victoria on the way in to London, the district and circle line was in chaos too. No Eastbound trains running on the latter at all and an intermittent westbound service. Maybe I should bring a bicycle instead?


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