You won't believe this but the Blackwall Tunnel smells of mothballs or today it did.

Probably a strong chemical smell caused by poor ventillation and as I drove my motorcycle through at lunchtime today, there was a visible curtain of smog in the tunnel that reflected the temperature outside. Nothing could be worse, I thought, than the prospect of being trapped in there by a breakdown as the mile long tunnel under the Thames should carry its own health warning.

Mind you, with the weather so good this week, I'm making the most of it and flying instead of driving to meetings where I can. Come the end of the month, I'm going to have a go at getting to Brussels, ninety minutes away from where I live here in Kent. Noting that Brussels international airport has time restrictions on light aircraft, I'm planning to drop into the smaller airfield at Grimbergen, which is about ten kilometres from the city centre.

With EUjet due to start its own service from Manston, a stone's throw from my village, in the autumn, it's probably going to be much cheaper and faster to catch a city hopper from here. However, you can't really beat the fun of flying yourself around the English countryside in a rather beaten-up old aircraft in summer. Maybe one day I'll find something a little bigger to play with.


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