Global Trends Guru in City Masterclass

Global futurist, Rohit Talwar, is to hold a ‘Masterclass’ in London at the IOD’s Pall Mall premises on the 6th July 2004. Regularly called upon by global corporations, the UK Government and the US Department of Defense to advise on future trends, scenarios and opportunities, he will be helping delegates to understand critical trends and forces shaping our world as well as risks and opportunities over the next decade.

Rohit is currently running the largest futures programme in Europe for the UK Government and leading a study on the critical trends that will shape our world over the next 50 years.

The ‘Masterclass’ is the first in a series of interactive presentations by leading authorities from around the world, organised by City Speakers International. In this highly interactive session, Rohit, in addition to world trends over the next ten years, will also analyse the risks and opportunities arising from political, economic, social, commercial, environmental and scientific and technological developments.

To find out more contact City Speaker International on 020 7247 1193 quoting CSI Masterclass or mail

Cost: £50.00 (Vat included) with stand-up buffet and drinks.


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