The Face of Neglect

I’ve been neglecting my WebLog over the last month. The reason of course is that I’ve been much busier than usual with different project and the summer months appear to carry the heaviest workload, perhaps because clients would prefer to have projects being completed while they are away on vacation.

Monday found me at Parliament all day and a Westminster vagrant between meetings with MPs. I’ve been invited to attend a meeting chaired by Michael Howard on the 15th which should be interesting. It seems that I’ve been so busy working that I forgot to pursue my application for inclusion on the candidate’s list for the next election. This is now closed, so any immediate possibility of a future in politics has passed me by, for now at least.

Anyway, I have to visit Brussels on Friday and Lyons next week. For the former, I’m going to try and fly myself, as it’s only ninety minutes from here as the crow flies, although having to stop at Calais to clear the European border control is at best an irritation which will add a good half hour to the overall journey time from the Kent coast.

For Lyons, a visit to Interpol, I’ll use British Airways out of Heathrow, the only workable solution to get me there in time for lunch. It would take four hours or more in my Cessna 150, so flying in Eurostyle is the only other solution as the train for some unknown reason only runs from Lille at 15:00.

As an example of my new, downshifted lifestyle, I cycled thirty-five miles along the North Kent coast to Whitstable and back today and this evening I’m feeling the effects. It’s a great mountain bike ride along the sea wall and the cliffs along the ‘Viking’ and ‘Saxon Shore’ trails beside the coast with some wonderful scenery and a brief stop for fish and chips in Whitstable town centre with it’s many different fish restaurants and even a Tapas bar. Whitstable is becoming very fashionable these days and using a bicycle to explore its narrow streets is by far the best way of seeing it.

On a final note with a technology theme, I’ve given my daughter a mobile phone, the first evidence of growing up. Having lost her briefly at the airfield on Sunday during the fly-in – she was off with a bunch of other children at the stables – I decided that phoning would be much easier than shouting. I may live to regret this decision though!


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