Diversity – Nice Work if You Can Find It

I was rather amused to read that Cambridgeshire Police had thought they had filled the £40,000 post of ‘Diversity Officer’ but then a background check of the applicant revealed he was an illegal immigrant.

I was looking at a couple of other ‘Diversity’ advertisements in the Sunday Times last weekend and one in particular for the Royal Bank of Scotland, offering a six-figure package for the successful applicant. How, I wondered can I break into this obviously lucrative but quite meaningless specialty? I imagined sitting at a desk all day pouring through reports on how diverse the bank’s employees are and whether in fact they should be more diverse, representing different shades and sexual orientations in the struggle to deliver better banking services.

Our society has gone barking mad. Already, my local church had had to block-off it’s Lady Chapel and replace it with a disabled access toilet, which it can’t afford on the revenue from its small congregation and next, if the present insanity continues on its natural course, we’ll be worrying whether that same congregation is diverse enough and government will demand the appointment of a salaried official to test the diversity of the parish.

Ridiculous I know, but where does this stop? The National Health Service is stuffed with managers, condom coordinators and diversity officers on six figure salaries but finding a doctor, a nurse or an operation is quite another matter. When did Britain so completely lose its way and how long, I wonder, will we continue to allow the lunatics to run the asylum?


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