Smarter security. Microsoft's longstanding "eat its own dogfood" approach means the company deploys the very software it sells. But, Microsoft hasn't always done the best job communicating to customers the lessons the company learned using its software. For example while Microsoft software gets rapped for security problems, there are few reports that hackers have breached the company's corporate network. Microsoft's December Security Webcast Week revealed some of the tactics Microsoft uses to keep viruses, Trojan horses and hackers out.

Windows Server 2003 update (R2) will bring Microsoft's security know-how to customers. As Microsoft employees know well, their computers are scanned for up-to-date security patches and virus signatures. Out-of-date computers cannot connect to Microsoft's corporate network. R2 will make standard equipment these VPN-scanning capabilities, giving Windows Server 2003 mechanisms for better keeping potentially compromised computers from connecting to a corporate network.[via Microsoft Monitor]

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