On Aristogeiton and Harmodius

I’m off to see the movie, Troy, this evening. I couldn’t resist it after seeing Brad Pitt interviewed on the subject, his intellectual grasp of classical history and personal research into the subject putting me to shame. For one, I could never have condensed the Iliad into four letters, a cool story. Brilliant!

For one, I was bought up on the Iliad and the Odyssey and progressed to Herodotus, Xenephon and Thucydides by the time I was twelve. I was fascinated by ancient history and once upon a time, even had a place to study Ancient History, Prehistory and Archaeology at Sheffield University. Things didn’t quite work out as I had planned, mostly because during my Ancient History ‘A’ Level paper, I didn’t read the instructions properly. ‘Answer two questions from section A and two questions from section B’.

Carried away by seeing my favourite topic, Alcibiades and the Athenian expedition to Sicily in the fifth century BC, I answered four questions from a single section and only realised what I had done when I re-read the paper after the exam. I still managed a ‘C’ grade pass on two questions the examiners accepted out of four, which might have earned me an ‘A’ grade if had followed instructions. That was however, the end of my archaeology ambitions and I had to go back to night school to make-up my grades for the following year, which found me heading towards a career in teaching and finally the world of IT, after a rather convoluted journey via Saudi Arabia. Julie Hagstrom where are you I wonder?

A strangely grey and humid day, as we sit on the dead side of an occluded front which brings the traditional British Bank Holiday rain with it. I had planned to go with my wife to Walsingham in Norfolk; dropping into the nearest airfield, a sixty minute run from the Kent coast but the forecast was very ‘iffy’ for Norfolk. Instead, I wandered over to Rochester, filled-up with fuel and an English breakfast and have the aircraft sitting ready to go somewhere if the weather improves between now and Monday, which looks unlikely.

Tuesday, I’m scheduled to pick-up some clients from Liverpool and run them back here to Margate. There’s very little chance they could get here by train, with the railway lines-up for the next nine days, so air seems to be the only option, however, the forecast for next week is not encouraging.


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