Man sent gun in internet mix-up A Canadian student who ordered an MP3 player over the internet from the US was sent a handgun instead.

Given the argument I'm having with eBay at the moment I'm hardly surprised. yesterday, they kindly removed the negative feedback left on me by the man who defrauded me of £310 in an auction. However, they have, at the same time, removed my feedback on the transaction, which warns other eBay users that he has been referred to both trading standards and the police with the appropriate case number.

As far as eBay are now concerned, the transaction appears to never happened, it's disappeared, but "What", I ask, "Happens to other eBay users who may try and deal with the same person again"? eBay has issued him with a procedural warning, the authotities have become involved, I'm £300 down and he has kept the item I returned and yet any record of this has now evaporated.

I can't confess to being impressed with eBay. they have no telephone number on their website. All complaints are dealt with by a multiple choice workflow system and I'm only having a reaction because i'm lobbying their PR agency and I'm a known columnist and opinion former. [via BBC News | Technology | UK Edition]

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